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Making geo-engineering data intelligent with information technologies


To develop and promote paradigms that embrace emerging innovative information technologies for acquisition, storage, exchange, and utilization of standardized geo-engineering data towards intelligent subsurface models that can drive applications such as building information modeling (BIM) and smart infrastructure systems    

Terms of References:  

1) To oversee the development of internationally agreed forms of representation of geo-engineering data that can be used to store such data on the World Wide Web and transfer data between computer systems. The data representation scheme will address:   a)Ground investigation (“borehole”) data b)Commonly-used laboratory test data c)Commonly-used in situ test data d)Data about geotechnical entities such as foundations, retaining structures, dams, embankments, and tunnels e)Geo-engineering data included in BIM

2) To maintain webpages disseminating information about data representation schemes, and showcasing applications of smart infrastructure systems with inclusion of intelligent geo-engineering data

3) To promote the exchange of information about electronic representation and transfer of geo-engineering data, and utilization of this information for constructing BIM and smart infrastructure systems

4) To promote sessions on making geo-data intelligent at international and regional conferences on geo-engineering, and to support special geo-engineering conferences related to this field

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